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Drop offs and Pick ups

Daily 10.00-11.00

Daily 17.00-18.00

Vaccinations and Health

The Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 requires that a current vaccination certificate must accompany every boarder on the day of arrival, any boarder without a vaccination certificate will be refused boarding, we do insist that all boarders have been vaccinated against Kennel Cough* at least 14 days prior to arrival, Please make sure that all boarders have been wormed and treated for fleas on a regular basis.

* Kennel Cough is not something that your dog JUST picks up in boarding kennels, it is an air borne virus.
Bordetella Bacterium lives in every dogs nostrils, it occurs when your dog becomes stressed, as this irritates the bacteria and causes the dog to cough.
Kennel cough can pass from dog to dog this can happen whenever you have more than one dog together, for example in the park where you may walk your dog, vets waiting room, at your training class, beer gardens, etc
Once vaccinated a dog may still contract the virus but the symptoms will be dramatically reduced and will not be responsible for passing the virus on
With this in mind we strongly recommend including the Kennel Cough vaccine with your annual boosters and health check

All guests are boarded at the owners risk, End Cottage Kennels reserves the right to call a Veterinary Surgeon on your behalf should it be necessary, End Cottage Kennels will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the Veterinary Surgeon.

Cancellation Policy
Following confirmation of your booking we do not ask for a deposit, however due to the small amount of rooms available at End Cottage, we do ask for your consideration - if your travel arrangements are changed or cancelled for whatever reason and your room is not required please let us know as soon as possible, during busy periods we do operate a waiting list.

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