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"We are your Hosts, Blade and Raven and we will ensure your stay here is everything you would expect from a top rated boarding establishment.

Do we look like a couple who would settle for anything less than the best? No! Certainly not and we would not ask our guests to either.

However we do have help from Helen (pictured on the right with her husband Tony)."

*   *   *   *   *

"Blade and I like to ensure that Helen and our guests get plenty of exercise and never get bored.

There is a large field to run around in to work up an appetite for dinner and to keep us all fit.

Oh... and Helen is well used to handling large breeds, (we are not exactly small ourselves) Plus she is a Kennel Club registered Dog Trainer. Of course small dogs are just as welcome."

*   *   *   *   *

Whilst Helen may be strict and doesn't stand for any nonsense from anyone - she does have a soft centre and appreciates a little fuss now and again.

With this in mind I do ask our guests to give her a cuddle from time to time."

*   *   *   *   *

Finally a word about your accommodation at End Cottage Kennels.

All our rooms are brand new purpose built with all mod-cons. Helen takes enormous pride in keeping everywhere clean and tidy and you can rest assured the food is superb with special diets to suit every size and breed. Prices inclusive food, TV, heating.

Also it goes without saying that any guest with special dietary or care needs will be catered for.


We look forward to seeing you at End Cottage Kennels.

We are now official stockists of Lintbells products

Stockist of Dogmatic

Stockist of Arden Grange  

The kids enjoying the
Arden Grange treats

We first started to use Arden Grange Large Breed for our family dogs. We have two Rottweilers and a Dobermann, and had tried several brands but noticed a significant difference for the better in the overall appearance of their coats, and Blade's mobility (he has had both cruciate ligaments repaired and suffered with joint problems from a very young age) when feeding Arden Grange. With the improvements we had seen feeding our own dogs, it made sense for us to use this food when we opened our Boarding Kennels. The range caters for all our guests' needs and dietary requirements, and we find our guests take to the food with no upset. We recommend Arden Grange to all of our clients when booking.

visit Arden Grange website


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